Merry Christmas!

Yes! It’s Christmas and what a year 2020 has been! Pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, don’t do this, don’t do that! Between one thing and another, getting out (legally) to fly, has been hit & miss, some of us have been lucky enough to get out to the field, others have had to contend with spending time

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The Fournier Story

The French seem to have a talent for producing simple, but in their own way stylish and sophisticated, light aircraft.  Just three examples being, Roger Druine and his Turbulent, the Jodel Bebe of Joly and Delemontez, you can see how they came up with the name, and of course the Fournier series of Motor Gliders

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Field Etiquette

“Field Etiquette” No, I’m not talking about saying please and thank you. As important as those things are, that won’t be the focus of this article. Understandably, training tends to focus on flying skills but there are bits of etiquette that are often overlooked in the training of new pilots. Let’s start right from the

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Recent Field Activity

Some recent field activity with Bill flying a pre WW1 classic, semi-scale, 1910 Bleriot monoplane, 46” wingspan, 3 channel (no ailerons) & a OS40 four stroke engine. Safe flying Bill!

Vampire Conversion

Vampire DH100 to T11 Trainer – Paddy Burke before returning form the US last year, I picked up a Durafly DH100, single seater Vampire, with the sole intention of converting it to the T11 Two seater & finishing it in the Irish Aer Corps colour scheme & markings. Well, Covid lock down gave me the

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Hercules C-100

Hercules Update – recently I received  a couple of photos from Eanna which show his progress on the amazing Hercules project. It’s now sitting on ‘wheels’, looking quite impressive. He informs me he is now progressing with the wings. Can you recall what the wingspan will be? It’s in an earlier article! Roll on Enna!

A Bit of History

I spend half my life on the beach in county Wexford where I love to walk, particularly along the coast. As one nears Carnsore Point, there’s a marker which tells the story of a German Heinkel 111 that crashed killing all on board in a nearby field. Thought my fellow aviators would be interested in

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Taking Off!

Read the second article in the series written by Bob Juncosa, flight trainer for the Williamburg Aeromodellers Club of Virginia, USA. Bob’s articles are very entertaining while being informative for both beginners and experienced alike. Hope you enjoy this series as it is published! Click here to read the article!

Update to the Covid Situation

FolksAs you can imagine, I or any of the committee cannot tell you what you can or cannot do.  The recent notice I sent to everyone is amied at the club members doing its bit to be responsible and alerting club members to the possibility of a return to flying based on governemnt guidelines.  Members

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Hercules C-130

The title of this article says it all, this is a ‘herculean’ project undertaken by a long time member of the Royal County Flying Club, Eanna Healy. One sure thing, he has been keeping busy during lock-down with this amazing aircraft. Talking with Eanna, he tells me that he gets goose pimples every time he

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