F3A, F5D, etc. What Does It All Mean?

These are the numbers assigned to the various disciplines of Aeromodelling by the governing body the FAI.

F1 – Free Flight
F2 – Control Line
F3 – Radio Control
F4 – Scale
F5 – Electric
F6 – Airsports Promotional
F7 – Aerostats ( Balloons and Airships)
F8 – Space Models

The numbers are normally presented as;
F3A – RC Aerobatics
F3B – Multi Task Gliders
F3C – Helicopters
F3D – Pylon Racing
F3F – Slope Soaring Gliders
F3H – Cross Country Soaring
F3J – Thermal Duration Gliders
F3K – Hand Launch Gliders
F3M – Large Power Aerobatics
F3N – Helicopter Freestyle
F3P – Indoor Power Aerobatics
F3Q – Aerotow Gliders
F3R – Pylon Racing (Limited Technology)
F3S – Aerobatic Jet Powered Models
F4C – RC Scale
F4G – RC Scale
F4H – RC Scale
F5A – Electric Aerobatics
F5B – Motor Gliders
F5D – Pylon Racing