Update to the Covid Situation

FolksAs you can imagine, I or any of the committee cannot tell you what you can or cannot do.  The recent notice I sent to everyone is amied at the club members doing its bit to be responsible and alerting club members to the possibility of a return to flying based on governemnt guidelines. 

Members have to use their own common sense and realise that the 5km travel limitation is still in place. This will only increase to 20km at the next government announcement and will remain until July 20th.We cannot lose sight of the fact that Covid-19 is not just a simple flu.  It is a lethal virus that can kill and is especially harmeful to those in the elderly stages of life, ie 70+.  However, even it has not played by the rules and has taken victims below that age who have had underlying conditions so please use your common sense.  It is easy to pick up and more importantly easy to transmit.

As I said, we cannot stop people going out but all I ask is that people use common sense and behave responsibly.  Personally I dont expect to be out flying until early August.