New Look Website

Hi everyone & welcome to our new look website, hope you like it! On the home page we have tried to deliver some key messages, such as our club name & welcoming visitors to our site, would you like to fly and the latest news from the club. There’s a ‘get in touch’ button, to make it real easy to contact the club. I should say at this point, everything that was in the old site, is still on this site, we’ve just moved things around and tried to put articles, etc. in more appropriate locations. If nothing else, you can have some fun trying to find them!

There are two areas of the website we would like to develop in the coming months, ‘Latest News’ and ‘Projects’. Hopefully we can update the news on a monthly basis or at least every other month with snippets & reports from the field, planned events or visits to other locations, etc. 

For ‘Projects’ we would like to see what members are up to in their Man Sheds, did you take on a project during lock down? Let us see what you have been up to, we’re all interested, so don’t be shy! (landscape photos are the best). We hope this can take both a static form and some short videos (linked to website & What’s Ap), what I’ve called ‘show & tell’. We want you to reveal the goings on in your man shed! That will be fun.

I’ve also been given permission from my old club in Williamsburg VA, to publish some of their articles which I think you will find useful, educational and entertaining, so I’m staring with an article written by my trainer at ‘FlyCVA’, Bob Jucosa, on the subject of flight which you find under ‘knowledge base’, hope you enjoy it.

Paddy Burke